KymaPRO Project Websites

Online. Secure. Comprehensive.
Your Project Management Solution for large scale projects.

  • Security

    KymaPRO uses the same level of encryption as your bank's website.

  • Collaboration

    Simple online collaboration between distant and/or local project team members.

  • 24/7

    24 hour access to all project documentation.

  • Organization

    Centralize all project documents in one secure location.

  • No More "Shared Drive"

    Avoid the complexity, hazards, and confusion of using a shared drive.

  • Audit Log

    Be certain that each member has access to the documents they need, and know they have received them.

  • Per Month Plan

    KymaPRO is offered at $600 per month on a monthly basis.  This includes up to 2GB of storage space, as well as Help Desk Support, SSL Data Encryption, Validated Updates, and Weekly Full Backups.
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  • Per Year Plan

    If you purchase KymaPRO for 1 year, you will receive a significant discount. The monthly price drops to $500/month with a one year commitment.
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  • 2 GB Storage Adder

    After you have reached the 2GB limit, a 2GB adder will be applied for an additional $100/month. This will automatically be applied to each 2GB over the initial 2GB site size limit.

  • Customer Support

    KymaPRO offers the following support options:

    • Live Chat support during business hours
    • Submit a Support Ticket (with 24 hour turnaround)
    • Phone Support is available

    Our goal is to provide you unparallelled customer support.  Visit our support site to learn more about our support options.

  • Knowledge Base

    Visit our knowledge base to find easy walkthroughs on how to use KymaPRO.

  • Community Forums

    NEW! Community Forums for discussing KymaPRO usage, best practices, and tips.

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